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Blog tour Shallow by Georgia Cates

Payton Archer's best friend, Claire, strives to be perfect in every way. Payton doesn't and this is her story.

Nick Hawke likes his car fast and his girls even faster. He blows through females quicker than his muscle car races down the "The Strip" in Collinsville and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Determined to avoid the devastation he has watched his father endure in the aftermath of his mother leaving, he believes there is no room in his life or his heart for a relationship lasting more than one night. He seeks happiness in things that won’t let him cars, adrenaline and one night stands. To his absolute dismay, all of that changes when he unexpectedly runs into an old friend and is introduced to Payton Archer, the first girl he ever wanted for more than one night. There’s only one catch...she is completely immune to him and his smooth talking ways.

Payton Archer is looking for what Claire has with Jessie, but she has given up on finding least until she leaves for college in the Fall because she is certain that is where she will find the perfect guy to fit into her perfect world. She plans on Summer being nothing but three uneventful months of fun, but it turns out to be anything but ordinary when Payton is introduced to Nick Hawke, one of Jessie’s old Collinsville friends. She is shocked by her immediate and intense attraction for “Hawke” because nothing about him is what Payton is looking for. Sure, he’s hot and sexy but he comes from Collinsville and that is definitely not on her list of prerequisites. Everything about him makes Payton’s heart speed because he is exciting and dangerous, but his fast car and the dangerous chances he takes aren't what scares Payton the’s the way Nick Hawke makes her feel every time he looks at her. Can Payton find that moment of total fearlessness and make the decision to leave the safe, shallow end of love to risk going under completely?
MY review:
Nick is a bad boy from Collinsville.He likes to sleep with a different girl every night,he loves fast cars and adrenaline and he doesn't believe in love.But he meets a Payton a beautiful girl and she have a smart mouth and he loves her for it.She made him to smile to cry and to love.He loves to spend time with her and to tease her.He fall in love with Payton and he will do anything for her.She is the one for him and he wanted to marry her and to have children with her.

Payton is a beautiful girl rich sincere and she want to love and to be loved.She knows on Nick a sexy guy and she thinks that Nick just want a night with her but he surprised her with his love and his patience.He proves her that he loves her and Payton is the only one for him
The relationship between them is very sweet.They have fun together and they learn to love each other and to fight for this love.They love to tease each other.They are perfect for each other.

Welcome to my blog ,Georgia!

Interview with Georgia Cates:
1)Please tell us something about you and about your books Going Under and Shallow

I’m a wife, a mother to 2 beautiful daughters, and 100% Southern girl. Ask anyone who knows me. I worked as labor and delivery nurse for 14 years before I began writing full time and the funny banter in my books is how I am most of the time. I find humor in things most people don’t. When you work with women screaming in pain all day, you have to laugh because the only other option is to join them and cry.

I’m a simple writer so Going Under and Shallow are simple stories about bad boys and the girls they love. They’re similar, yet very different because of the characters’ multi-dimensional personalities. I always include some kind of a twist to throw the reader off. I want the reader to think, “Man, I didn’t see that one coming.”

2) When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

I was about 33 when I decided I had made a living in nursing long enough and wanted to pursue something different. I started playing with writing and it took me about 2 years before I was ready to publish my first book. (Sept. 2011)

3)Which is your favorite book and favorite author?
This question is loaded. It’s like asking which one of my kids I love more. I have a default answer. Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, but the truth is I love smut and trash.

4)What inspired the Going Under series?

I’m not sure anything inspired Going Under aside from a vivd imagination. The idea just came to me out of the clear blue and once I started writing it, it was more like the book wrote itself and my fingers obeyed.

My readers inspired “Shallow.” It’s the second in the series and was never meant to be because “Going Under” was intended to be a stand alone. When my readers finished it they wanted the story of the heroine’s best friend, Payton because she was such an interesting character.

5)Where do you get the motivation to keep writing and doing what you love?

I love it. That’s all.

6)What would be a perfect day for you?

It would be perfect if the story in my mind could find its way onto my computer on it’s own. All that typing taxes my gig.

7)What are you hoping to achieve with your books?

Honestly? I’m just having fun while I’m doing something I love. And it makes me a fair living. Maybe somewhere along the way, my words make someone smile.

8)Outside of writing what you do for fun?

I’m a huge music head so I love concerts. I stalk the band members at their buses after the shows. It’s great. Makes me feel like a real groupie.

9)What's next for you?
I’m keeping my next project under my hat until it’s almost finished. Why? I have this terrible habit I’m trying to avoid. I always publish the cover art, blurb and release date and then I want to make changes while I’m writing it. I get myself backed into a corner and I’m not doing it again. The only info I’m releasing about it is that it’s Adult Contemporary and I hope to have it out around Christmas. I did make a post about my main character today. His name is Lachlan and he’s Australian. That’s all I’ve got for you.

10) Please leave a message for your readers.

Expect to see changes in my writing style. In the past, I’ve been afraid to take chances. Now, I’m not. I’m going for it.

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