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Waiting #5

Smash Into You by Shelly Crane
Jude has spent the whole twenty one years of his life running. From what, he wasn't quite sure. His mother tried to keep him safe; a low profile, a constant move on the horizon, a week's pay always stashed away. She tried to instill in him that he was special somehow, though would never elaborate. He never felt different. He was so completely normal and vanilla that he wondered if it had all been in her head. But then she was murdered and all he saw was a running silhouette of a man as his mother said three final words to him. Three words that changed his whole being.

Never stop running…

Now he's semi-settled into a big town. The college is huge and easy to blend into. It's been three months since he had to move because 'Biloxi', as he calls the man who killed his mother, found him once more.

Then Marley, an eighteen year old girl who is as infuriating as she is blissfully ignorant of her gorgeousness, smashes into his car with hers. Then smashes into his life as he realizes that whatever it is he has that Biloxi wants, she has it, too. And now, they're after them both.

I'm OK," I told her. "I'm sorry about...everything. And that." I pointed to her neck.

The small smile had more than one meaning. It had my inner guy perking to attention. "Girls don't generally complain about beard burn, do they? Isn't it supposed to be a way for guys to mark girls, claim them, be all romantic in a Neanderthal kinda way, like hickies?"

I arched an eyebrow at her. Oh, is that right. She blushed, furiously and adorably, and backtracked. "I didn't mean you were trying to mark me, I just meant you didn't have to apologize."

I couldn't help myself. I leaned in, putting my hand on the wall behind her head. "How many hickies have you had?"

She bit her bottom lip. Again. "None," she breathed. She put a hand on my chest to keep me from coming closer.

I pursed my lips in approval. "That's a good answer."

"Why do you care?" she asked. It wasn't a demand that she know, it was more like she was genuinely interested. Why did I?

I enjoyed her being that close for a few more seconds before leaning back. "Thanks for taking care of me last night. And for fixing my bandage. I know I was an ass, I'm sorry. I think I owe you some breakfast." I took her hand and towed her to the room. I tied my boots and when I looked up, she was still standing there, looking a little stunned. "Get your shoes on, sweetheart."

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