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Review The curse of blood by Diana Nixon

In the mysterious world of magic, where nothing is what it seems, only blood never lies. It binds generations, endowing their descendants with powers and knowledge. Sometimes it heals, and sometimes, it becomes a curse that turns you into someone you never wanted to be…
Eileen and her friends did their best to destroy the Dragons brotherhood, one of the most dangerous organizations that ever existed. Could they have imagined how bad the consequences of their actions would be? Now, they are forced to watch one of their friends die. If only Evan were not bound to Eileen and Amanda, who will have to go through the hell of his death with him…
But what if death could be just an illusion? An illusion where every step you take brings you closer to the new life where nothing will ever be the same… Will the powers of love and magic be enough to survive?.. Or will destroying the world of supernatural become the only way to keep their hearts beating?..

The curse of blood is the fourth book of the series Love Lines by Diana Nixon. I missed this world and this characters.I'm glad that Evan is alive. He is still my favorite character and I still love him.
Evan and Eileen are the main characters in this book. In this book Evan has new powers and he felt that something is wrong with him.Eileen knows that something is wrong with Evan so she and her friends wanted to know the truth about the new powers of Evan.
I really love the new couple Amanda and Evan.Their love is wonderful and powerful.I always wanted that them to be together. They are so cute together and Amanda is there for him when he needed her.
Another beautiful couple is Eileen and Christian and they are really soulmate. Christian is always there for her and he always supports her.
I really loved this book and I read the book in one sitting. Thank you Diana for this ebook

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