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Review No Strings Attached (Checkmate, # 2) by Diana Nixon

Games can be different. Some are innocent, others are dangerous. But there are also those that you will never learn how to play.
Oliver Altier is a guy whose every day is a game, a game of passion. His only rule is: no strings attached, no guilt involved. Oliver thinks he knows everything about how to please women. Until one day, he meets Jillian Murano, a woman who is so much like him when it comes to relationships: she hates obligations, but she loves men, margaritas and fun.
What will be different this time?
Will passion and lust be enough to turn their games into something real?
If they thought it would be nothing but another play, they should have thought twice before getting into something that will change them both, once and for all…


No Strings Attached is the second book in the series Checkmate by Diana Nixon.
Oliver Altier is Dominic's brother and he is a player like his brother. He loves to have sex but without obligations.His only rule is no strings attached. He is a musician and he dreams to have his own company.
Jillian is Scarlett's best friend,she is beautiful and sexy and tough she loves her job. She doesn't want a relationship and she doesn't want to be hurt. She doesn't trust in Oliver because he is player like his brother and he has the power to hurt her because she has feelings for Oliver.
They wanted the same thing from a relationship sex without obligations so they decided to have sex because they are attracted to each other and because they have fun togehter and they liked to flirt to each other.
But after a night together they discovered that they had feelings for each other but they were so afraid of their feelings that they decided to be just friends.They understood that they can't be happy one without the other so they decided to have a relationship.
I really liked their chemistry. They were so sweet together. Thank you Diana for this ebook.

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