vineri, 6 septembrie 2013


“I don’t want you to change. Since the moment I met you, I knew you weren’t like me. You were better. You are better. You’re the person I wish I could be. Your whole life…it means something. It means something so big that angels and demons are buzzing around you, trying to take some for themselves. You care about people besides yourself. Like, you really care. Not because of how it makes you feel, but because of how it makes them feel.” I step closer to Charlie. She doesn’t move away.“
I love the way you are, Charlie. I love it so much it tears me apart. I think about what would happen if I didn’t have you in my life— you, the girl you were when I met you—and I feel like I can’t breathe.” I trace my thumb over the dip below her bottom lip. “All my life, all I’ve ever wanted was to take. But with you, all I want is to give you everything—every creature in the sea, every star in the sky…my own beating heart. I love you, Charlie. Just the way you are, I love you.
- Dante Walker The Liberator by Victoria Scott

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