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Blog tour Hollowed

Welcome Kelley to my blog!

Interview with Kelley York

1. Please tell us something about your book and you.
My name is Kelley, though I'll forgive you if you forget the extra E because it happens all the time. I live in Sacramento, California. HOLLOWED is the first book in a (hopefully long and prosperous) series called HALF LIGHT.

2. Why did you decide to write about vampires?
It wasn't so much that I decided to write about vampires. But Briar's story just so happens to involve them, much in the way future protagonists in the HALF LIGHT series will focus more around other creatures—such as shape-shifters and witches. Briar's story was told first because, chronologically speaking, it takes place first.

3. Do you need some background when you write?
I'm assuming you mean background noise? It all depends. If I'm home alone and the house is silent, I prefer to enjoy the quiet and let my brain think without distraction. If there's too much noise in the house/going on around me, I'll put on music in order to drown it out.

4. Please describe us your perfect day.
DISNEYLAND! Yes, I'm serious. Disneyland, and a beach. With dolphins. And seals. And wolves. Do wolves go on the beach? I don't know. But it's my perfect day so I can have what I want.

5. If you could include one of your favorite fictional characters into Briar's world who would it be and why?
Ohh, that's a good question. Maybe Howl from HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE. He's a wizard, and it would be hilarious to watch him interact with someone like Noah or Oliver. He'd drive them all crazy.

Guest post about Briar and Noah:

What can I say about Briar and Noah? I'll try not to spoil the book. They meet and begin dating before the story starts. Noah is a funny, nice, kind of dorky guy...but he has this air of mystery about him. He comes and goes often because of "work," but he never tells Briar what his work entails.
They have a sweet relationship, too. It's simple and raw...but not always honest. There were a lot of secrets, a lot of things unsaid on both sides. It was attraction at first sight but, at the same time, I think Noah spent their year-long relationship keeping Briar at arm's length because of some bad past relationships. They don't really, truly get to understand one another until the events of the book. Even then, maybe they still aren't quite there by the end of it.
I really wanted a unique, different sort of relationship than a lot of YA portrays. I wanted a good romance, but I didn't want it to be what the entire story orbited around. I didn't want a girl who would drop everything for the guy she loves no matter how shitty he treats her. Briar knows her priorities, even if it isn't always easy to make the choices she makes. I wanted a couple who have problems they need to work through, and show that sometimes love isn't enough if two people are in different places in their life and have their own issues to work through. Sometimes, you have to do a lot of work on yourself before you're ready to commit to someone else.
But don't worry: Briar and Noah will be back in later books. I look forward to sharing more of their journey.


All 18-year-old Briar Greyson wanted was to figure out this whole living-away-from-your-parents thing. Apartment, steady job, cool roommate? Check. Noah, her adorable (albeit elusive) boyfriend? Check. Everything in the life of Briar was pretty good.

Then she and her roommate are attacked on their way home one night. Briar wasn't supposed to survive.

Instead, according to the two guys who saved her, she's turning into the things that attacked her: a vampire. Totally crazy and Not Okay. Now Noah's secrets are coming to light, and he wants Briar dead. Then there are the vampires who attacked Briar to lure out her sister.

Her sister...who died years ago.

(Didn't she?)

The city's body count is rising, and Briar wants to help put a stop to it. But first, she has to figure out who the real enemy is: the vampires, the boy she loves, or the sister she thought she'd lost
Thank you Kelley for stopping today on my blog!!

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