marți, 7 august 2012

Teaser Opal de Jennifer Armentrout

I smiled.
His arm tightened as the beat picked up and so did my movements. “I think I like this.”
All around us, bodies were slick and shiny with sweat, as if they’d been caught by fairies and been dancing for years. That’s the thing about places like this—you get caught up and hours go by, but they feel like long minutes.
He spun me back to him and I was on the tips of my boots, facing him, his head lowered, forehead pressed against mine, lips brushing. A rush of power went through Daemon, transferring to my skin, and in the flashing lights, we were lost in this world. Our bodies undulated with the beat, fitting together fluidly while others seemed to thrash beside us, never able to find the right sync.
It felt like it was only us on the dance floor and when his lips pressed more firmly against mine, I opened up, not losing the rhythm even though he was stealing my breath. My—our—hearts were pounding, hands grabbing, clutching, slipping over the curve of my back, and behind my lids, I saw a pinprick of white light.
Sliding my hands across his cheek, I kissed him back. Static flowed, cascading off our bodies in streams of reddish-white light that was hidden under the flickering strobe lights, flowing over the floor like a wave of electricity. And all around us, people danced, either oblivious to the shocks or fueled by them, but I didn’t care. His hands were on my hips, tugging me closer and we were so gonna end up like one of those ambiguous couples in the hallway.

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