duminică, 9 septembrie 2012


“David caught me as my legs gave out from under me.
“Careful,” he smiled, “I’m lethal.”

“The first consequence of love is pain—whether it is the fascinating jovial pain of love or the excruciating pain of a torn and tormented heart; it is pain, nonetheless.

“You're my undeniable truth—my destiny,” he murmured, reaching for my lips.”

“I’m going to tell you my name, since you’re too shy to ask.”.... “It’s David . . .” He slowly leaned in toward my face, “ . . . and I’m real.”...I suddenly recognized that voice...
“I win,” he grinned.

“David gave me the Hope Diamond gaze.
“Will you be mine forever?” The words escaped my lips.”

Quotes from Creatura by Nely Cab

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