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Review Uprising By Shelly Crane

Sherry and Merrick's story continues in this sequel to Collide. In this installment, we come face to face with old acquantances and new friends and new enemies. Things will change for all of them especially when a little girl is found and everyone's loyalties are tested. A revelation may upset the delicate balance they've all tried so hard to set. There's new love, new rivalries and new transformations in the continuing series of Collide.
My review:
In this book Merrick and Sherry are married and very happy.They adopted a beautiful girl named Lily and they are wonderful parents ,loving and spoiled her.Lily is so sweet innocent and loving child.Everybody loves her and protect her.
Cain is new character and I love him because he is funny sarcastic friendly and full of life.He has a good relationship with Sherry and Merrick.Merrick and he is the best friends and they had fun together and help each other.They are a good team when they fights against Lighters.
He fall in love with Lilian and is so sweet and loving with her and playful with her.He always made her laugh.He is protective with her and always is there for her when she needs him.
He is a great character.
Thank you Shelly for this ebook and for creating such greats characters.

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