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Review Ruby Blue by Julie Cassar

Meet Ruby. She’s your average (somewhat dorky) ice-cream eating, garden-loving teenager, who is constantly being annoyed by her little brother, is best friends with possibly the only Goth kid in town and, oh yeah…she sees fairies.

After Nick Martino (possibly the hottest guy she’s ever known) finally asks her out, she can barely manage a two-word sentence when a bizarre incident strikes their lakeside town.Stumbling bare-foot through some interesting dates, will she ever find love? And what does Ruby do when more strange events continue to occur? Will she keep her gift of Fairy Sight a secret? As an ancient myth unfolds and new mystic fairy tales come to life, Ruby and her menagerie of friends tackle some extraordinary circumstances with her very ordinary abilities in this modern day fairy tale. See what legends come to life in “Ruby Blue,” a young adult fantasy fiction novel and the first installment of the Ruby Blue series

My review :
Ruby is a lovely girl ,friendly sincere and funny.Ruby can see faries but she have a normal life and family and she likes ice cream.Anya and Brennan are her best friends and they are fairies.She knows them from childhood and they are always around her.
Brennan is her pain in the ass and she doesn't like him but he made her laugh and she have fun when he is around her.
In this book she learn more about her friends and about the Fey land.
In this summer she have the first boyfriend Nick Ms Hottie the first date and the first kiss.She fell in love with him.The relationship between them is very sweet.
My favorite character is Brennan because he is so funny loving and protective.I love him .He likes to tease Ruby and to be with her.He wants to protect her.
The plot was very interesting and entertaining.I love Ruby and her friends.I love the book.
Thank you Julie for this amazing ebook.

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