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Review Cicada by Belle Whittington

Summertime for Blair Reynolds and her friends had always been carefree and fun... until the summer they happened upon something that was not human. As they band together in a fight for their lives, Blair's true love becomes something more than human. Something unnatural. And their survival depends entirely upon their ability to keep a secret.
Blair is a lovely young girl caring and brave.She have a group of friends Andrew his brother Everett ,David and his girlfriend Natalie and she loves to spend time with them because they are like a family for her.She lost his father and his other brother Aaron and she misses them every day and the only family has left is his mother and his brother Andrew.She loves to work with his grandpa in his veterinary clinic and she wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up
Everett is his love because she likes to listen him when he speaks about his passion for bugs and he is nerd ,funny and he understands her.She will anything for him.
Everett is a nice boy,protective and compassionate and had his own bug room.He will do anything for his group of friends.He loves Blair and he is very protective with her and very sweet.He wants to spend his life with her and he promised her he will return for her.The plot was very interesting and this book was a book full of mystery and secrets.It was a interesting reading :)!
Thank you Belle for this ebook .

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read "Cicada" and to write such a kind, heartfelt review on your beautiful blog! I'm so honored!!!!
    Much love from Texas!


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