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Arc #5

High school sophomore Daisy Jones is just trying to get by unnoticed. It doesn’t help that she’s the new girl at school, lives in a trailer park, and doesn’t even own a cell phone. But there’s a good reason for all that: Daisy has a secret, unpredictable power—one only her best friend, Danielle, knows about.

Despite her “gift” (or is it a curse?), Daisy’s doing a good job of fitting in—and a cute senior named Kevin even seems interested in her! But when Daisy tries to help Vivi, a mysterious classmate in a crisis, she soon discovers that her new friend has a secret of her own. Now Daisy and her friends must deal with chilling dreams and messages from the beyond. Can Daisy channel the power she’s always tried to hide—before it’s too late?

Extra features include:

• A short graphic novel illustrated by Alexis Seabrook, telling Vivi’s story
• Danielle’s journal, revealing her deepest thoughts

Thanks to Net Galley for this arc.

Daisy is a girl with a special gift have the power to affect electricity and electrical devices and all the time she trying to control this gift just her mother and his best friend knows about this weird gift. She is naive ,smart friendly sincere and a loving person.

Kevin is a sweet boy ,kind and a perfect friend and boyfriend.She loves Daisy and help to find out all the secrets about Patrik and his nightmares.I like him.

The relationship beetwen the main characters is sweet because they fell in love for the first time and have the first real relationship.They don't keep secrets from each others and they trust each other.They are a sweet couple.

Danielle is the best friend of Daisy and she Knows everything about her.I like her because is funny sarcastics full of life and a true friend.

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