luni, 23 iulie 2012

Team Daemon!!!

YA Crush Tourney time Again!

Time: Monday July 23, 2012 12am-12pm EST
Location: YA Sisterhood
Daemon Black vs. Augustus
Advocate: Valerie from Stuck in Books
Now for the incentives. You know the drill.
500 Votes: A Daemon teaser from Onyx
800 Votes: A Daemon POV teaser from Onyx
1000 votes: Signed ARC of Onyx (Pepe, Sztella, and me)
1300 Votes: A juicy teaser from Deity and Cursed.
1550 Votes: Signed Daemon Invasion Tour swag
2000 Votes: A juicy teaser from Deity, Cursed, and Unchained
2500 Votes: A signed copy of Diety
3000 Votes: A reeeeeaaaal good teaser of Onyx
Winning Vote: A deleted, unedited Obsidian scene between Katy and Daemon

**Remember** If Daemon or Aiden makes it into the final four, I will share the unedited, special edition "Laptop Scene"

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