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Review Painted Blind by Michelle A. Hansen

Seventeen years old and agoraphobic, Psyche Middleton vows her dad will never see the risqué photos she took during a summer modeling stint abroad, but one of them ends up on a billboard in her Montana hometown. Now everyone—especially her dad—can see it. And yet, somehow, those are the mundane things in her life because she is about to fall unexpectedly, head-over-heels in love with Erik, a mysterious young man who rescues her from a crowd of admirers, and who she’s never actually seen because…he can make himself invisible.

As strange as this may seem, it’s about to get even stranger. Erik takes her to his palace in an idyllic kingdom, and she is swept into the beauty and culture of his world, but his affection has one condition: she may not see him. Overtaken, intrigued, and still not wholeheartedly believing he’s real, Psyche is going to have to decide if she can love him blindly; because if she can’t, she may lose him forever.
MY review:
Psyche is lovely young girl naive sincere and loving.After going away for the summer to model she returns home only to found out that her photos from a photo shoot ends up on a billboard.She suddenly become a celebrity and paparazzi follow her everywhere and she hates crowds.
Eric is there to save her from the crowds and from the paparazzi and he invited her in his world.She found out that he is from another world and she trust in him because she feel safe with him.
He can make himself invisible so he has a only condition for her she can's see him until he decide that is the right time and she agreed with him.She decide to be with him even if she can't see him because she fell in love with Eric because he is kind ,patient with her and sweet.He respect her and understand her fears.
But she betrayed Eric and he was so upset with her that he throws her out of his house and of his life.Now she have to complete three trials to prove that she loves him.
He forgive her and help her to complete the trials.
Eric is a mysterious man ,patient and kind.He trust in Psyche because he fell in love with her because she understand him and she is perfect for him.

A beautiful story , a beautiful world and a beautiful couple.
Thank you Michelle for the ebook :)!

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